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About Le Vin Chin

Le Vin Chin writes passionately, articulately (especially in English) and intelligently about industrial design and is a sensitive editor of design-oriented texts and articles, bringing with him a uniquely strong level of creativity, professionalism and understanding of the business of high-end design.  An experienced copywriter, he is also able to translate difficult creative and technical concepts into promotional messages.

He was editor-in-chief, lead writer and publisher for the online design magazines XYMARA.com and INMYX (2007–2012).  As commissioning editor, Le Vin Chin edited all the articles published on the XYMARA site and did the editorial planning, while keeping abreast of design and colour trends, researching the big names and the up-and-comers of the design scene, and attending and reviewing the major design shows in Milan, Paris, Cologne and London.  As chief writer, he wrote about a third of the more than 600 articles on XYMARA.com.

Le Vin Chin read Engineering and Management Studies at the University of Cambridge and has lived and worked in England, Germany, Malaysia, Scotland, and Switzerland.

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Other editorial work
– various articles and technical papers for the European Coatings Journal (2015)
“The cold art of Peter Hulsmans” (2012) by Noël Reumkens.
“From Work to Frame in Intermedial References: Joseph Beuys in Three Contemporary German Poems” (2009) by Noël Reumkens.

PDFs of the articles on this site, as they originally appeared on XYMARA.com.